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The overwhelming majority of fire deaths and injuries occur within dwellings.


Many of these deaths and injuries occur within dwellings where a landlord/managing agent has control of all, or part of, the premises.


The common parts of purpose built blocks of flats and converted flats come under the jurisdiction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005. The Housing Act (2004) also impacts on these types of premises and has specific powers within some premises i.e. Houses of Multiple Occupation. The legislation overlaps in many instances.


There is a range of guidance available for landlords/managing agents/share of freehold companies to ensure that they are doing what is required to confirm to the legislation and various guidance documents to ensure the safety of their residents. This guidance can sometimes be conflicting and can lead to confusion for the uninitiated.


It is a field that George Willis specialised in at the London Fire Brigade, liaising withlocal authorities over House of Multiple Occupation consultations, leading on liaison with large social housing providers, local authorities and hostel accommodation providers.


Accensus Fire Consulting can help landlords/managing agents comply with all the applicable legislation and guides by providing a flexible service that is tailored to your estate requirements and provide practicable solutions to issues that are discovered.


Accensus Fire Consulting can liaise with the local enforcing authorities and give an overview of risk across your property portfolio allowing you to focus on the corrective measures that are most important.


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