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Fire Evacuation Training

Accensus Fire Consulting offers tailored fire evacuation training for all businesses to fulfil their requirement under Article 21 of the RRO.


Training is conducted at the client's premises and will be site specific. The training will be largely based around the emergency plan for the premises, keeping the information that staff receive pertinent and relevant to their building and roles.


The training can include:


  • a general overview of the causes of fire, sources of fuel and oxygen

  • introduction to fire safety principles

  • explanation of fire prevention measures present in premises

  • explanation of fire protection measures present in premises

  • hands on use of relevant extinguishers if required

  • discussion of emergency plan and staff roles


Accensus Fire Consulting believe that it is vital to keep staff fire training specific, concise and focused to give staff confidence in both preventing fires and reacting when they occur.


Too many companies give staff generic training either online or through a presentation that does little more than tick a box. Accensus Fire Consulting believes in involving staff fully in the training to ensure that they are both stimulated and educated.


As part of this training Accensus Fire Consulting can also conduct and monitor an evacuation exercise, putting into practice the emergency plan and associated training. Full feedback is given and actions determined so that the evacuation procedure can be improved in the future.



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